It's -12deg F (-24C), wind chill at -40F. The heat pumps can't do much. It is cold!

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> A person seeking help in a time of crisis does not care about TypeScript, tree shaking, hot module replacement, A/B tests, burndown charts, NPS, OKRs, KPIs, or other startup jargon. Developer experience does not count for shit if the person using the thing they built can’t actually get what they need.

Excerpted from this absolute banger of a blog post, from @eric


Bought a new rubber seal for my aeropress after years of it being sidelined from a broken one. I forgot how nice this device is ☕☕☕☕

Insulation and efficiency improvements are addictive. It feels like "free energy" to me, if you pair it with conserving energy to begin with.

Started taking notes of projects past and planned - in the US there are some new incentives that should hopefully broaden the adoption of efficiency gains versus just output upgrades and improvements.

Reading Neuromancer in the kitchen: "A white Braun coffeemaker steamed on a low table..."

1ft away: The white Braun coffeemaker, steaming.

Few things cleanse like a good snow shoveling.

Solo parenting for 15 minutes. This sums up life vibe right now

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:anarchy: :anarchy: :anarchy: :anarchy:

Let’s make 2023 year of the personal website.

:anarchy: :anarchy: :anarchy: :anarchy:

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The word “invasivore” is a portmanteau combining “invasive Species” with the Latin root “devorare” meaning to swallow (as in "herbivore" or “carnivore”). Thus, #invasivore = one who eats invasive species, those organisms that have been introduced around the world and cause massive environmental and economic damages.

Our website serves a buffet of knowledge about #invasivespecies. At the core of our approach are #recipes featuring invasive ingredients, but we also provide species profiles describing notorious invaders, harvesting tips, exposition and commentary on related topics, summaries of relevant #science and #research, and roundups (#InvasionBites!) of the latest #news and other media about invasive species.

We believe that #education and #awareness can decrease the impacts of invasions by controlling existing populations and preventing new introductions.


day 7

prompt today is "use a sample", so I pulled from "Cuckoo" - Benjamin Britten and absolutely trashed it


“There’s only three ways out of here. You either conform and become deader each day, or you rebel, or you quit."

- Agis Salpukas, "Workers Increasingly Rebel against Boredom on Assembly Line," New York Times, April 2, 1972


recorded haphazardly on a microphone not meant for such things

I have other, more engaging things on my list (finishing some of the exercises from uxn day 3 tutorial, recording some songs that are almost done, getting some ideas down on paper) but they require deeper thought than infant life allows.

And what's more exciting than staring at this little one :) :) :)

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Minor catharsis in my unsleeped newborn-caring state. I rewrote mmx (my site/wiki compiler) in lua and added an RSS feed.

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"We're about to drown in a sea of pedestrian takes. An explosion of noise that will drown out any signal. Goodbye to finding original human insights or authentic connections under that pile of cruft.

...I think the sheer volume and scale of what's coming will be meaningfully different. And I think we're unprepared. Or at least, I am."

- Maggie Appleton

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